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Nikola Ilic
Data Mozart — Make Music from your Data!| | @DataMozart | Microsoft Data Platform MVP | Power BI Addict | Blogger, speaker, learner…

Have you ever wondered what makes Power BI so fast and powerful when it comes to performance? Learn on a real-life example about data model optimization and general rules for reducing data model

When I talk to people who are not deep into the Power BI world, I often get the impression that they think of Power BI as a visualization tool exclusively. In this series of articles, I’ll show you how Power BI can be used to create a fully-fledged analytic solution.

In the 1st part, we are setting the stage by defining all the phases for building a successful analytic solution!

Extraordinary tasks request extraordinary solutions. Check how to pack 200 million rows in 18 MB of Power BI.

Someone told you that SSRS and Paginated reports are dead? Check once again, as the brand new Paginated Report visual in Power BI is here to stay and enrich your reporting solutions!

Image by author

Creating a video course is not an easy task! However, I feel very special after publishing my first course on Pluralsight!

Looking to boost your Power BI development? Check how the latest version of Tabular Editor can help you become a true Power Bi hero

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Writing a native SQL query in Power BI will break query folding, right? Well, not anymore

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Learn how to create a custom rating visual by writing a few lines of DAX

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Setting the stage

Have you ever wanted to use images instead of “regular” text on axis? Or, even within the slicer? Check this simple technique and you’re good to go!

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In the final part of the Query folding series, learn more tricks, find out when the View Native Query lies, and finally spot the difference between the queries that (not) folds, backed by real numbers

Nikola Ilic

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